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3 Step Disinfecting ● Washing & Cleaning  ●  Disinfecting   ●  Pipe Straightening  ● Piler Applicator●  Fogging


The Cleaning & Disinfecting Season is Here!


Now is the time to get your potato storage washed, cleaned, and disinfected. Potato Services of Idaho has been cleaning and disinfecting potato storages for over 20 years. We understand that the cleaning process is just as important as the disinfecting. With our experience, you will feel confident knowing your storage is clean and up to GAP Standards.

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Potato Services has developed a comprehensive 3-Step Disinfecting Program to ensure that the storage facility is disinfected and free from pathogens. We provide our customers with the highest level of confidence. Our services can be performed in conjunction or individually.

Potato Services of Idaho also offers different options for Post Harvest Fogging: thermal fogging and Reverse Directional Fogging.

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